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William A. Hazel, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer who invests in our employee's success. We offer in-house training, competitive salaries, and an excellent benefits package.

Employee Spotlight

Kurtis Meyer

Rising Star Project Manager

I got started in my position after attending Virginia Tech and studying Building Construction. I’ve always had a love for construction and building things in general, so it’s great to get to live it out full time too. I chose William A. Hazel because I admire the work they do, their reputation, and values. I’m motivated to continue working here because of the people that work here and the environment that they’ve created in the workspace.

Potential employees should know that William A. Hazel will take care of you. You’ll be joining an amazing team of people that all work together, help you learn, and show you how to build a reputable career. The best advice I can give to new employees is jump in with two feet. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, embrace the company culture, and spend time with other employees to build relationships.

The best thing about working for William A. Hazel is the company culture. There are strong policies, procedures, and ethics that help the company interact and perform smoothly. My best memory from working here is from the first week I started. Meeting everyone and learning more about the company was what solidified that I was in the right place.

The thing I like most about my position is the ability to talk to and interact with different subcontractors, suppliers, and owners. I’ve always been a people person so it’s neat how many people I’m able to meet and work with from different companies.

I would describe the company culture at William A. Hazel as distinctive. I don’t think you’ll find many other companies with a culture like theirs. The six core values are a perfect example of what their culture is like. When Mr. Bill Hazel started the company with a couple of brothers, they would do just about anything a customer needed. To this day, William A. Hazel does whatever it takes to be the best full service sitework contractor by providing clients with exceptional value and performance, providing employees with the best possible working environment, and preserving the legacy of dependability and quality.


Employees Making a Difference

A Hazel employee in a red truck had his PPE on and moving debris/cut up trees out of the road and directing traffic. I was unable to get the truck number or a real description of the employee, but he was doing a damn good job keeping the traffic moving. His efforts saved me a long detour of heading back to Warrenton.

We're proud of our employee, Justin Southard, for stepping up to the task and living up to our Legacy of Dependability!

Roger Shirk is a one-of-a-kind man. In my time at Hazel and other companies, I have never met a better teacher, hard working individual, or company man like Roger. He is always thinking about his crew and takes care of us day in and day out. He is the definition of a man's man. I am grateful to have had such a great teacher who has given me the skills and strength I need to succeed

All of us who lead strive to have that kind of impact on those we lead. Thank You Roger for your great example of leadership.

When the top of a live sewer manhole was crushed by another contractor working on-site, filling the sewer lines with debris, sewer began to backup jeopardizing several businesses in the neighborhood. Robbie Hensley, Project Superintendent, took control of a very tense situation, organizing and coordinating the response that averted a major contamination issue.

Thank You Robbie for your quick action and cool head, making all the right calls to save the day for the neighborhood and our customer.

Lance Toone isn't just a nice guy to work for, but a very hard worker. I've watched him operate every piece of equipment on a daily basis including a Volve truck. I've heard guys complain Lance is working beyond the normal hours just to get the job done. The word exemplary is not even adequate in describing Lance because he goes above and beyond the call of duty. I think Lance is the greatest boss I've ever worked for.

Thank You Lance for leading by example every single day.

Service Awards

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William A. Hazel Incorporated fully supports the growth of their employees for the duration of their careers at the company through Hazel University. This education comes in many forms. It provides our employees with continuing education from high school completion and GED coursework through college and university degree reimbursement. It includes current relevant training to enhance their abilities to produce safely at the highest industry standards. Well-educated and well-trained workers are more knowledgeable, motivated, and better prepared to ensure that their job is done efficiently and correctly. Hazel-U helps our diverse staff to recognize their potential by identifying and supporting their individual growth, personal growth, and career goals. This is accomplished by delivering quality leadership-based training along with industry specific training. It even goes so far as to provide for personal household budget training, planning for retirement, and ESL education.

For more details on William A. Hazel University, contact our team at or 703-378-8300.

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