How would you describe the company culture at William A. Hazel, Inc.?

Everyone works together as a team. William A. Hazel instilled a family culture in this company, and it has been carried out ever since.

What do you like most about your position at William A. Hazel, Inc.?

It’s my job to provide a very detailed estimate, I like to give our customers a bid without any surprises. I’ve been dealing with the same home builders for years; we have created relationships with them that has made it easier to communicate. I love the sales force aspect of the industry. Not only do I appreciate dealing with the customers but also with the superintendents. Getting their input on difficult jobs is beneficial. They do not talk down to you, we all work together!

Why recommend William A. Hazel, Inc. to family/friends as a great place to work?

William A. Hazel, Inc. is the best company! Everyone else is playing for 2nd. Ever since working here my knowledge base has expanded tremendously and I am still learning something new every day.

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