I got started in my position after attending Virginia Tech and studying Building Construction. I’ve always had a love for construction and building things in general, so it’s great to get to live it out full time too. I chose William A. Hazel because I admire the work they do, their reputation, and values. I’m motivated to continue working here because of the people that work here and the environment that they’ve created in the workspace.

Potential employees should know that William A. Hazel will take care of you. You’ll be joining an amazing team of people that all work together, help you learn, and show you how to build a reputable career. The best advice I can give to new employees is jump in with two feet. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, embrace the company culture, and spend time with other employees to build relationships.

The best thing about working for William A. Hazel is the company culture. There are strong policies, procedures, and ethics that help the company interact and perform smoothly. My best memory from working here is from the first week I started. Meeting everyone and learning more about the company was what solidified that I was in the right place.

The thing I like most about my position is the ability to talk to and interact with different subcontractors, suppliers, and owners. I’ve always been a people person so it’s neat how many people I’m able to meet and work with from different companies.

I would describe the company culture at William A. Hazel as distinctive. I don’t think you’ll find many other companies with a culture like theirs. The six core values are a perfect example of what their culture is like. When Mr. Bill Hazel started the company with a couple of brothers, they would do just about anything a customer needed. To this day, William A. Hazel does whatever it takes to be the best full service sitework contractor by providing clients with exceptional value and performance, providing employees with the best possible working environment, and preserving the legacy of dependability and quality.

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