I started my telematics career 6 years ago with operation and fleet management prior to coming with Hazel. Hazel brought me on as a telematics data analyst and the opportunity presented itself for me to take on the role of Dispatch Manager as well. I really enjoy doing fleet telematics because it’s a very specialized segment in the market that not a lot of people are a part of in this industry. The program we have implemented on our fleet has created greater efficiency, transparency and communication between the field, office, and our mechanical department.

I really appreciate the support I received from our leadership team when I stepped into the additional role of being a Dispatch Manager. Ordering stone, concrete and scheduling our equipment moves is crucial to keeping our business running so having a team that I work well with has been substantial! Hazel keeps their word in ensuring their employees are progressing and are given opportunities to grow professionally. It’s rewarding to know that I get to play a part of our vision in being the first choice, right choice and only choice our business partners feel confident in.

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