I have been with Hazel for almost 15 years now. I started working here during the summers growing up because I had a family member within the HR department. An opportunity presented itself for the department to consider me for an official position. I moved into a translator position and eventually with training that was provided to me, I moved up to an HR Generalist position. I then took on the role as the HR manager and I’m very appreciative that my potential was seen for it. What I like most about my position is the role I play not only in managing employee-related concerns, but also developing and implementing our company policies.

Since I have worked my way among the ranks, I have noticed the way the company has embraced a culture of not only being collaborative but also fostering an environment where employees get to grow professionally. Mr. Hazel would be proud to know that the corporate culture and legacy that he established back in the 1960s has evolved to the current one being lived out today! One piece of advice I would give to employees starting in this industry is to soak in all the information and resources provided to you because with motivation and dedication, your opportunities here at Hazel are ample.

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