I started with Hazel back in the 90s as a construction laborer in the punch division. Before coming to this company, I worked in the restaurant industry so most of this type of work was new to me. From installing silt fences, adjusting manholes to even grading on a bobcat, my supervisor was able to provide me with the proper training needed to do my job well throughout the years. I more recently became interested in working in the yard operating a forklift and that opportunity was given to me. I also aid our workers that come to the yard requesting supplies so being able to be that bridge for the field is great!

We have a family culture here in the yard and we always work together to solve an issue. My supervisor trusts us with the work that we do and that allows us to continue developing our strengths. I appreciate the opportunities Hazel has provided me and others because even when you are green in this industry, they will give you a shot to learn!

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